Technical Memo #1:  Existing Conditions and Public Engagement Summary
Village of Warsaw Active Transportation Plan 

cover image of the Technical Memo #1The project team assessed all existing conditions in order to recommend improvements. As part of the task, they researched previous plans and studies, existing land use and zoning regulations for new construction. They conducted a detailed walkability assessment with an emphasis on Main Street (Route 19,) Buffalo Street (Route 20A,) and Court Street. The findings of the first round of public engagement was also summarized and documented. A detailed transportation analysis looked at highway traffic conditions and patterns including roadway jurisdictions, traffic volumes, vehicle speeds and other observations. The draft version was distributed to key stakeholders, the steering committee and others. 

Over the summer, the project team received comments from local officials, NYSDOT, and others. The revised draft will be incorporated into the Final Report at the conclusion of the study. 

For more detail view the draft Technical Memo #1- Existing Conditions and Needs Report- June 2023. 



Text Version:
“Warsaw is a friendly and diverse community with people who are proud to call the Village home. Residents and visitors of Warsaw enjoy an accessible, comfortable, and safe community; active parks; and expansive walking, biking, and trail facilities connecting their neighborhoods to the Village's thriving business district and non-residential areas. People of all ages gather on NY-19 and US-20A to socialize and enjoy unique restaurants and shops. The low-speed streets throughout the Village are walkable and bikeable while offering safe and accessible routes to nearby parks, trails, schools, and other popular Village, Town, and regional destinations.”