Project 166 Submittal:

Contact Information:

  Name: Suzanne Meason
  Title/Position: Planning & Zoning Administrator
  Entity: Lake Worth

Parcel ID(s) (if available):  A 188-2A01

Address (if available): 7034 Edgemere Pl

Project Description:  This property is currently a vacant residential tract which the property owner wishes to change the zoning of to the city's "C" Commercial zoning district and sale the property.  The property falls within APZ II and the 70 dB noise contour.

Other Base Compatibility Issues:  Not applicable

Deadline for Comments:  5/9/2023


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Project Area:

Map Legend

Bright Blue Dropped Pin: Area under review

Purple: Clear Zone

Red: Accident Potential Zone I

Orange: Accident Potential Zone II

White: Noise Contours for 65 dB, 70 dB, 75 dB, 80 dB, 85 dB

Question title

NCTCOG Staff Preliminary Assessment: The project is consistent with JLUS recommendations due to a change from a Residential to a Commercial use in the Accident Potential Zone II and 70 dB noise contour, where residential uses are discouraged. Commercial uses in these areas are generally consistent with JLUS recommendations, but the property owner should coordinate with city staff to ensure recommendations for sound attenuation and maximum floor to area ratio are taken.

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