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The project logo Guemes Ferry Operations & Service Analysis

The project logo Guemes Ferry Operations & Service Analysis

The County has hired BERK Consulting, Inc. to undertake an operations and service analysis of the Guemes Island Ferry system that considers future and operational service. The study will address staffing, scheduling, ticketing, loading/unloading, and other items for the ferry system. The scope includes developing and evaluating ferry system performance criteria and service delivery options/alternatives. 

BERK, in conjunction with subcontractor KPFF, will work primarily with County ferry staff, and seek feedback from the Guemes Island Ferry Committee and the ridership for advisory purposes. The culmination will be a long-range service and operations plan identifying activities, investments, and implementation strategies (as approved by the County).

BERK and KPFF's work will result in two packages of system improvement options (both prioritize two round-rips per hour). 

  • Package 1: Service improvements that can be attained with minimum investment

  • Package 2: Additional improvements that come at a higher cost

Future opportunities for feedback will be a November 7 public forum on Guemes Island and a second online survey this fall. Once the study is complete, we will present the packages to the County Commissioners in January 2020.

Public comment will be accepted until December 5, 2019.

To submit feedback, send us an email at [email protected] 

Recent survey results are now available at

We will conduct two online surveys within the ferry community to better understand priorites for service improvement. 

The first survey closed September 15, and we had 550 participants. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

July 17 Community Meeting

A community meeting with the Skagit County Commissioners, Public Works, BERK, and KPFF was held on Guemes Island to introduce the scope and timeline of the Ferry Operations & Service Analysis. 

To view slides of the presentation or listen to an audio recording of the meeting, see the "Documents" section below.

June 13 Kick-Off Meeting

To review the presentation materials and an audio recording from the kick-off meeting with Skagit County Public Works, BERK, KPFF and the Guemes Island Ferry Committee, please see the "Documents" section below. 

Guemes Ferry Replacement Survey

An online survey was conducted within the ferry community in 2017. The survey was taken by 328 participants who answered questions about their usage of the ferry and voiced ideas regarding a new vessel and future service.  To see the results and participant's comments, click "View Results" below.

Guemes Ferry Replacement Survey

Skagit County has operated a vehicle and passenger ferry service between Anacortes and Guemes Island since the early 1960s. The current vessel, the M/V Guemes, is a 21-vehicle, 99-passenger, diesel-powered...

Guemes Ferry System Improvements Survey

Following the first survey, 345 participants completed a second survey and answered questions about reliability, scheduling, and ticketing preferences. To see the survey results and participant's comments, click "View Results" below. 

Guemes Ferry System Improvements Survey

In our first survey, you gave us baseline information about who uses the ferry, when, and why. This new survey asks you more detailed questions that will allow us to better understand the input we...