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Community Values 

As part of the process of Revisiting Historic Latta, Mecklenburg County staff and community partners are working to establish a set of organizational values.  A strong and clearly stated set of values will drive the site's future mission and vision.  Based on a review of current best practices in historic site management, the following list of values has been identified for consideration.  Please review and provide your own feedback by ranking these values by their level of importance. 

Truth:  The whole truth.  Avoiding lies of omission.
Empathy:  For enslaved persons in particular.
Multivocality (Inclusion): Allowing multiple voices to speak with special consideration for historically marginalized groups and people of color.
Collaboration: Building community around a common goal.
Transparency:  Accountability both to the public and to the descendants of enslaved people.
Accessibility:  For all groups - to the physical site, as well as to research materials and resources, including primary sources.
Courageousness: To unpack and interrogate white privilege and systemic racism.
Activism: Making connections between the institution of slavery, the foundation of the United States and slavery's impact on present-day race relations.


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Please provide your input on the types of values that will drive programming and operations at Historic Latta by ranking the values below in terms of their importance. To accomplish this, click the values in the order of importance to you. If you wish to reorder, you can manually reshuffle the list. You must rank all values. When you are satisfied with the order, confirm and submit the survey.

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