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DCPS FY22 Budget Engagement

Looking Ahead to FY22 and Beyond For Fiscal Year 2022, which will take effect in School Year 2021-2022, we are taking a step back to holistically evaluate our budget model. Our goal is to determine...


DCPS Family Cornerstones: Teacher Feedback

The DC Public Schools (DCPS) Family and Community Engagement Team needs your feedback!Over the last year, we've collaborated with multiple offices from the Office of Teaching and Learning Academic...


Public Input on New Name for DCPS’ Ward 3 High School

In summer 2020, Mayor Bowser formed the District of Columbia Facilities and Commemorative Expressions (DCFACES) Working Group. She charged the group with evaluating named DC government-owned facilities...


Community Feedback for Proposed Name Change of Maude E. Aiton Elementary School

In spring 2019, B23-0263 – the “Lorraine H. Whitlock Elementary School Designation Act of 2019”, was introduced by Councilmembers Vincent Gray, Anita Bonds, and Elissa Silverman, and...

DCPS Graduation Regulation Revisions

On June 22, DC Public Schools (DCPS) released draft regulations and policies regarding attendance, student promotion, secondary grading, and graduation for public comment. Throughout this past winter and...


DCPS Graduation Policy Revisions

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