Project Details: 

This project was developed to address safety and mobility issues related to Walker Middle Magnet School. The improvements include a paved shoulder for staged drop-off/pick-up vehicular traffic along eastbound North Mobley Road and a 6-foot sidewalk located on the back side of the new drainage ditch. The project area includes North Mobley Road from east of Gunn Highway to the westernmost school entrance driveway. North Mobley Road is a two-lane undivided roadway with a posted speed limit of 35 mph that provides access to Walker Middle Magnet School, Hammond Elementary School, residential areas, and business properties.

Elements of the project to be constructed under Capital Improvement Project Number 69638043 include:

  • Construction of an 8-foot-wide paved shoulder and a 2-foot-wide unpaved shoulder along the south side of North Mobley Road.
  • Construction of a new 6-foot-wide sidewalk on the back side of the new drainage ditch, to enhance walkability.
  • Drainage improvements including the construction of a new ditch along the south side of the road, new culverts at driveways, and installation of a new pipe under North Mobley Road to move water from the proposed new ditch into Little Lake on the north side of North Mobley Road.
  • Milling and resurfacing the existing asphalt pavement and adding new signage and pavement markings.

Land acquisition will be necessary for the proposed improvements. Land acquisition and design are anticipated to be complete in mid-2023. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2024 and be complete by mid-2024.