Community Engagement Overview

The objectives of this initial phase of public engagement encompass education, comprehension, and solicitation of feedback on current conditions and needs. Educating the community, including property owners, tenants, business owners, and commuters passing through the Village of Fairport about the Zoning Code Project's purpose and its direct alignment with the Comprehensive Plan, ratified in 2021, will provide a strong foundation for the next steps.  The community articulated the vision and goals during the open process to develop the Compresensive Plan. The zoning code contains enforceable regulations in order to implement those visions and goals.

Secondly, it is crucial to ensure that the community grasps the significant impacts zoning codes can exert on realizing community visions. Zoning regulations pertinent to neighborhood preservation, housing, land use, community well-being, environmental considerations, transportation, infrastructure, governmental provisions, and economic development hold the potential to benefit future generations profoundly. 

Lastly, this phase of outreach aims to nurture active engagement between the Village and its residents specifically about the Zoning Code, fostering an environment where informed input is sought and valued. 


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How are you connected to Fairport?

I live in the village.
I own property in the village.
I live outside the village, but visit the Village of Fairport regularly.
I work in the village.
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To help us get an idea of where people are located, where is the nearest cross street to your location?