There are three parts to this public engagement opportunity for the Lorcom Lane Safety Project:

  1. Project Background and Goals
    • Why this project? Why now? We answer these questions below.
  2. Concept Design
    • See the proposed concept design and its features.
  3. Your Feedback on the Concept Design
    • On this page, we have questions for you about your thoughts on the proposed concept design.
  4. Interactive Concept Map
    • Here, you can add your own input, questions or comments on specific parts of the proposed concept design.

This engagement opportunity is open through December 3, 2023. Your feedback will help finalize the plan, along with other available information, such as plan guidance and crash data. There will be a public meeting on Wednesday, November 8 where community members can come to learn about the project, ask questions, and share their feedback on the preliminary concept design for this corridor. Thank you for helping improve our projects to better meet your needs!

Questions? Comments? Email Nate Graham, Public Engagement Specialist at nsgraham@arlingtonva.us.

Project Background

This project originated through community-reported transportation safety concerns, crash data, and the results of the Vision Zero Pilot Safety Project on the north side of this corridor. This project will deliver multimodal safety improvements—including adding and widening sidewalks, improving intersections and reducing crossing distances—on Lorcom Lane from 24th Rd North/North Quebec Street to Nelly Custis Drive. 

Existing Conditions

  • Sidewalk on the north side of the street is made from temporary materials
  • There is on-street parking on both sides of the street
  • Street has unprotected bike lanes on both sides of the street
  • Sidewalk on the both sides of  street are obstructed by utility poles
  • Sidewalk not available on some portions of the north side of the street

Project Goals 

  • Continuity of sidewalks on both sides of Lorcom Lane
  • Widening existing sidewalks to conform with Americans With Disabilities Act standards
  • Resolving alignment issues with the intersection of N. Quebec Street and Lorcom Lane
  • Reducing pedestrian crossing distances throughout the corridor
  • Addressing documented safety issues at the intersection of Lorcom Lane and Nelly Custis Drive

Project Basis

Planning guidance from this project comes from the following County Board-adopted plans and policies:

Master Transportation Plan

Vision Zero Action Plan

  • Vision Zero policies call on County Transportation staff to take a proactive approach to safety, to eliminate severe and fatal crashes from our transportation network by 2030
  • Crash data analysis from the Vision Zero Action plan showed that higher vehicle speeds more frequently result in more severe or fatal crashes.

Additionally, the corridor is part of the school walk zone for Dorothy Hamm Middle School, and adjacent to a pre-school hosted by a faith-based organization at the intersection of Lorcom Lane and Nelly Custis Drive.