Project 168 Submittal:

Contact Information:

  Name: Robert Nunley
  Title/Position: Building Official
  Entity: City of White Settlement

  Phone: 817-246-4971 

Parcel ID(s) (if available): A1173-1H02

Address (if available): 1000 SH 183 (1000 Alta Mere Dr.)

Project Description:  This project consists of a plat and the construction of two new buildings at 1000 Alta Mere Dr., which is currently a U-Haul facility. The U-Haul facility will remain operational, and the new buildings will be constructed on a portion of the property that is currently undeveloped. 1) Plat submittal: the property currently sits as an abstract and needs to be platted prior to any new permits being issued for any new construction. 2) The property owner has proposed constructing two new buildings. Building A will be a 4-story facility (52 feet in height) with a gross square footage of 104,832 sq. ft. This building will be an indoor public storage facility. The second building will be a 25,000 sq. ft. (52 feet in height) storage facility, which will house the mobile U-box containers that are dropped off at a property, filled and then picked up and stored in the proposed building. Both buildings meet the Land Use Compatibility and will have limited occupancy.

Other Base Compatibility Issues:  FAA Part 77 (Vertical hazards). The FAA letter is attached, allowing the construction of the building.

Deadline for Comments:  12/4/2023

Supporting documentation from White Settlement is available in the Documents section below.

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Project Area:

Map Legend

Bright Blue Dropped Pin: Area under review

Purple: Clear Zone

Red: Accident Potential Zone I

Orange: Accident Potential Zone II

White: Noise Contours for 65 dB, 70 dB, 75 dB, 80 dB, 85 dB

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NCTCOG Staff Preliminary Assessment: The proposed action is consistent with Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) recommendations. Warehousing and storage uses are generally compatible in the 80 dB noise contour and APZ I, but the property owner should coordinate with city staff and the base on any new construction to ensure recommended sound attenuation and maximum floor to area ratio measures are taken in office areas or any areas where the public is received.

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