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MetroNEXT Round 1 Survey

MetroNEXT Round 1 Survey

Thank you for helping to shape the future of public transportation in the Omaha region! 

This survey was designed to take two minutes or less, with 3 to 6 clicks and 6 optional comment boxes. 

If you would like assistance in filling out this survey, please call Customer Service at (402) 341-0800. 

Timeline image indicating that we are in Round 1: Understanding the Landscape.

How often do you ride Metro buses, ORBT, or MOBY paratransit?
Almost every day
Several times per week
Several times per month
Several times per year
I do not ride
Closed to responses
Which Metro service do you use?
I do not ride
MOBY paratransit
Closed to responses | 133 Responses
Where do you live? (Address or nearest intersection)
Closed to responses
Please list the places you go most often (address or nearest intersection) and how often you visit them:

[ex. Downtown Library, 14th & Douglas, twice a month]

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How satisfied are you with the amount of public transportation in our community?
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Metro has identified potential ORBT or high-frequency routes for further evaluation.

Are there any additional areas that should be considered? Do you have thoughts on these routes?
map image showing potential ORBT routes: - north/south on 24th street from Ames to Harrison - north/south on 30th street north of Dodge - north/south on Abbott Drive from Downtown to the airport - north/south along the Beltline from 30th & Ames to MCC South - north/south on 72nd Street - north/south on 148th - east/west on Maple from 148th to Midtown - east/west on Center from 148th to Midtown - current ORBT line extended west to Elkhorn - current ORBT line extended east into Council Bluffs
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When selecting our next ORBT routes, we will evaluate:
- Number of people & jobs served
- Access to essential services
- Equity impacts
- Speed & reliability improvements
- Cost effectiveness
- Connectivity to the overall transit network

Which factors are most important to you?
Are there any other factors we should consider?
Closed for Comments
What other ideas do you have for improving public transportation in the Omaha region?
Closed for Comments
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Where did you learn about MetroNEXT?
A family member, friend, or colleague
Social media
News media
Radio ad
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