There are three parts to this public engagement opportunity for the North Lynn Street RFCS Project:

  1. Project Background and Goals
    • Why this project? Why now? We answer these questions below.
  2. What We Heard & Questions About You
    • See what we heard in the existing conditions engagement.
    • Share a little bit about you.
  3. Concept Design & Your Feedback
    • See the concept design and its features.
    • Share your thoughts on the design.

This engagement opportunity is open through June 5, 2024. Your feedback will help finalize the plan, along with other available information, such as plan guidance and crash data. Thank you for helping improve our projects to better meet your needs!

Project Basis

Planning guidance from this project comes from the following County Board-adopted plans and policies:

Master Transportation Plan

  • Streets Element: The Complete Street policy informs the scope of this project to improve safety for all road users by providing a complete sidewalk where none currently exists.
  • Bike Element: N. Lynn Street is identified as a primary bicycling corridor.


Vision Zero

Vision Zero policies call on County Transportation staff to take a proactive approach to safety to eliminate severe and fatal crashes from our transportation network by 2030.

  • High Injury Network: N. Lynn Street is part of Arlington County's High Injury Network (2022). These corridors experience high concentrations of critical crashes compared to other corridors in Arlington. 
    • N. Lynn Street High Injury Network Safety Audit - Spring 2023
      • Crash data collected from 2018-2023 revealed that while total crashes in this corridor have decreased since the start of the pandemic, visible injury crash numbers were near pre-pandemic levels and both severe injury crashes involved a pedestrian. Crash report descriptions include information about drivers failing to yield to pedestrians.
      • Common concerns shared for this roadway segment include drivers not yielding to people walking or biking as well as vehicles blocking bike or travel lanes.

Core of Rosslyn Transportation Study

  • This transportation study assessed the feasibility and impact of the multimodal transportation vision set out in the 2015 Rosslyn Sector Plan.
  • Recommendations from the preferred alternative for N. Lynn Street include the street remaining one-way with off-peak parking and the addition of a northbound protected bicycle facility.

Nearby Projects

  • 1901 N. Moore Street (RCA Site) is a private development currently under construction. During construction, travel lane and sidewalk closures are anticipated as part of the maintenance of the traffic plan. Once completed, the project will deliver an improved streetscape and an enhanced bicycle facility on the west side between 19th Street N. and Wilson Boulevard.
  • The Lynn Street Esplanade and Custis Trail Improvements project was a pedestrian and bicycle safety, traffic management, and street beautification project completed in 2020. Since project completion, collisions decreased in this area.

More information available on the project page.