Comments relevant to and received during specific public comment periods are provided to the RTC in advance of any meetings where they are scheduled to take action on the relevant policy, plan or program. All comments received outside these formal public comment periods, regardless of the topic, are compiled into a monthly report and presented to the RTC in advance of its next regularly scheduled meeting. These comments are accessible to the public in the RTC meeting agendas, public meeting minutes and monthly comment reports on the NCTCOG website.

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Input from residents, local governments and the private sector impacts decisions about transportation and air quality policies, programs and plans for North Texas. After all, these decisions determine how North Texans live and travel in the 12-county Dallas-Fort Worth region. Input received is provided to the Regional Transportation Council. Comments or questions may be submitted on the specific items listed or other transportation and air quality topics.


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Additional information about these topics may be found below in the files tab near the bottom of the page on May 13, 2024.

Planning Advances for High-Speed Rail between Dallas and Fort Worth
With the recent funding award and acceptance by the Federal Railroad Administration into their Corridor Identification and Development program for intercity passenger rail around the nation, the Dallas to Fort Worth High-Speed Rail project is now positioned for potential federal funding support as planning activities continue.  Additionally, this project continues to gain momentum regionally as discussions on fine-tuning alignment locations occur prior to the environmental analysis and documentation phase of the project.

2025-2028 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a federally and State-mandated list of transportation projects with committed federal, State, and local funding within a four-year period. Staff will present an overview of the TIP development process and provide the TIP document, which includes a draft list of active projects in the region.

New National Air Quality Standard: Fine Particulate Matter
On February 7, 2024, the EPA changed the national air quality standards for fine particulate matter (PM2.5) from 12.0 micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3) to 9.0 µg/m3. Due to this change, areas in both Dallas and Tarrant County might not meet the new standard when the EPA makes its final decision in 2026. Currently, the levels of PM2.5 in Dallas County exceed the new standard by 9.9 µg/m3, and in Tarrant County by 10.4 µg/m3. Staff will provide more information about these new standards.



Proposed Amendments to Mobility 2045 – 2022 Update
One roadway project is proposed for addition to Mobility 2045, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan for North Central Texas – 2022 Update for TxDOT to be able to advance planning and design activities via “Plan Authority”. As this project is considered “non-regionally significant” (designation for air quality purposes), its addition to the Plan does not impact transportation air quality conformity. Additionally, two non-regionally significant projects are proposed for removal from the Mobility 2045 – 2022 Update for financial constraints. Fact sheets of the additions will be found in the files tab located near the bottom of the page.


Mobility 2045 – 2022 Update: Administrative Revisions
Administrative revisions have been made to Mobility 2045, the Metropolitan Transportation Plan for North Central Texas – 2022 Update. A summary of the revisions will be found in the files tab located near the bottom of the page.

NCTCOG Spatial Data Cooperative Program
Are you looking for highly accurate aerial photography, LiDAR, or related data products? NCTCOG’s Spatial Data Cooperative Program has provided these products to local governments, consultants, and other partners on an annual basis since 2001. Partners can sign up to participate in the current year’s cooperative to receive this data at a much lower cost than if it were purchased individually. As the number of participants in the program increases, the cost decreases due to economies of scale and volume discounting. Data acquired by past projects is available for purchase as well. The program has long-standing relationships with its vendors and is committed to producing affordable spatial data that soars above the rest. For more information, visit

Air Quality Programs and Funding Opportunities
NCTCOG has several regional air quality programs and initiatives to reduce air pollution in North Central Texas. In addition, funding opportunities and incentives are available for projects that reduce air pollution from vehicles and equipment or help improve energy efficiency. More information:

Try Parking It
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