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The transportation system plays a critical role in ensuring a high quality of life for residents of the MAG region. The purpose of the Regional Transportation Plan is to establish a sustainable, resilient, multimodal transportation investment program that connects people with opportunities to prosper and thrive. In order to deliver a world-class transportation system, the following goals have been established. Please rank the Regional Transportation Plan goals in order of importance:

Please rank highest to lowest:
Safety: In what ways should the plan provide for the safety and security of pedestrians, bicyclists, riders and drivers?
Prosperity: In what ways should the plan support economic competitiveness and growth through strategic transportation investments?
Responsiveness: In what ways should the plan expand travel choices that accommodate future growth and be flexible to adapt to changing needs and innovations?
Livability: In what ways should the plan invest in a transportation system that supports health and well-being, and sustains the environment?
Preservation: In what ways should we maintain our region's transportation infrastructure to protect existing investments for the future?
Mobility: In what ways should the plan ensure ease of movement for people and goods throughout the region, providing equitable and appropriate access to essential services and destinations?
When thinking about the region's future, what do you feel are the two highest transportation priorities?
What are the top two things that come to mind when you think of world-class transportation systems?
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