The MPO serves as a steward of public resources.

The Florida Department of Transportation's Adopted Five Year Work Program for Fiscal Years 2019-2023 currently has over $762 million allocated to projects in the Sarasota / Manatee region. Given this responsibility, monitoring project delivery performance holds the MPO accountable. The MPO works closely with state partners to ensure timeliness and efficiency in constructing and delivering projects. 

The state's core measure is the percent of FDOT highway and bridge construction contracts completed within 20 percent of the original schedule. On time delivery saves money and time for freight shippers and road users. On-time project delivery also reduces travel time delay. By completing projects within 10% of the original contract amount also helps save on extra fees and expenses. This helps ensure project delivery with limited resources and a greater return on each dollar spent on the transportation system.

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The overall goal of the Project Delivery performance measure is to get projects funded and constructed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Here is a map of all currently underway projects in the Sarasota / Manatee region. [more copy based on symbology]


The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) contains a detailed list of all prioritized projects in the Sarasota / Manatee region. The map to the right shows all the projects within the TIP.

Click on a project segment on the map to get its details. To see a full list of project segments, click  in the upper-right corner. There are quite a few projects on this list, and additional information about all of them can be found in the TIP.