RHNA Report Coming Soon!

Anticipated release in early February 2023. 

Report Appendix Documents

Appendix A - Glossary of Terms (Coming Soon!) 

Appendix B - Summary of Outreach Process & Qualitative Data (Coming Soon!)

Appendix C - Quantitative Data 

Appendix D - RPC Housing Opportunity Infrastructure Mapping Methodology (Coming Soon!)

Appendix E - Root Policy Research Fair Share Tables, RPC Region 

Appendix F - Root Policy Research Fair Share Methodology (Methodology Graphic)

Appendix G - Root Policy Research Fair Share AMI Methodology

RHNA Municipal Officials Presentation Materials  

Municipal Officials PowerPoint Slides , January 11, 2023

Video of Presentation of RHNA Preview, January 11, 2023

Understanding Housing Challenges in the Region 

Housing has been a challenge for many households in New Hampshire for years. The New Hampshire Housing Study prepared by the New Hampshire Housing Commission in 1977 discussed “overpayment” (paying over 25% of a household’s income towards housing) as a housing problem. While much has changed since 1977, in recent years, the housing crisis has been exacerbated due to low inventory, high demand, increasing construction costs, and a shortage of labor and construction materials. Housing has become the center of a statewide conversation. The availability of affordable workforce housing directly impacts economic growth and a region’s ability to attract and retain workers and young families that contribute to the local economy and vibrancy of communities. 


Project Information:  

Start Date: September 2021

End Date: February 2023

Funding: American Rescue Plan State and Local Fiscal Assistance

Municipalities: All 


Project Staff:

Sarah Tatarczuk Regional Planner


Tim Roache Executive Director


Jenn Rowden Land Use Manager


Robert Pruyne GIS Manager


Thank you to the 329 community participants and 197 employers who took the time to complete our Housing Surveys as part of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment! The surveys are now closed, and RPC staff have analyzed the results and identified key themes. The stories and input received will be incorporated into the final report.

The summarized survey results and findings can be found in the Summary reports linked below:

Community Survey Summary Report

Employer Survey Summary Report

If you have additional comments or input that you would like to be captured in our Regional Housing Needs Assessment work, please contact statarczuk@therpc.org.