EdNC Survey

Welcome to the Reachville People's Session.

As a citizen of Reachville, we value your thoughts and opinions. To help us understand what’s important to you, we’d like you to share if you agree or disagree with a few statements.

If you see the wordabove a statement, that means it was submitted by a member of the public.

What do you believe should change in Reachville to make it a better place to live?

By reviewing statements, you help clarify which issues have broad support, and which are more divisive.

If your priorities aren't reflected in the provided statements, you'll have a chance to add your own after you’ve reviewed 5 statements.

This is Consensus

Consensus is built to gather a broad set of viewpoints and task the community with evaluating these views to find common ground.

We hope you'll enjoy reviewing statements and adding your own. We invite you to check back often to see new statements and view the results.