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The City of Austin Community Outreach and Engagement team is working towards better outcomes for community participation. By listening to your feedback we hope to address disparities and move towards better outcomes.

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What was the City of Austin initiative that you participated in? You are welcome to describe the project if you do not recall the name.
Asian American Quality of Life Commission Strategic Planning
Austin City Council Response to Alabama Legislation
Beverly S. Sheffield Education Center
Givens Park Implementation Plan
Joint Arts and Music Commissions Creative Space Engagement Process
Land Development Code
Our Parks, Our Future: Austin Parks and Recreation Long Range Plan
Service Access: Working with residents to build better serices
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Please provide the name of the department that sponsored this initiative:
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Why did you participate in this Community Engagement opportunity? (check all that apply)
Learn about the topic (become informed)
Voice my opinion
Influence decisions (help make decisions)
Hear what others in the community have to say
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How did you hear about the initiative? Please check all that apply.
City of Austin website
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, NextDoor, or other)
Regular Mail
Family, Friends, Community Member, or City Employee
Community Event
Neighborhood, Recreation, Cultural, or Senior Centers
Schools, Parks, Pools, or Libraries
Places of Worship, Local Businesses, or Entertainment venues
Fliers, Posters
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Please tell us how you participated and any services you may have used. Please check all that apply.
Community Meeting
Interpretation Services
Children's Fun Zone
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Based on my experience, I feel:
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You may use this space to comment or explain your response for any of the above questions.
How would you describe this engagement?
Very Good
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What did you like?
Is there anything we could have provided to improve your experience?
Is there anything else you would like to share?
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