Zilker Park Vision Plan Map

Zilker Park Vision Plan draft map showing improvements across park

Central Area

Draft map of Zilker Park Vision Plan - Central area

Southern Area

Draft map of Zilker Park Vision Plan - south area

Eastern Area

Draft map of Zilker Park Vision Plan - Eastern area

Northern Area

Draft map of Zilker Park Vision Plan - Northern area

Western Area

Draft map of Zilker Park Vision Plan - Western area

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After viewing the Zilker Park draft plan map, what is your immediate reaction?

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What 2 or 3 spaces are you most excited about?

Land Bridge
Reestablished banks of Barton Creek
New pedestrian/bike bridges: west of Barton Springs Pool, connecting to Welcome Plaza, and new entrance from Toomey in eastern part
Bridge across Lady Bird Lake
Zilker Hillside Theater
Zilker Eagle extended route
More spaces to play on south side near Azie Morton Road
Sports Area
Welcome Plaza
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Do you see any potential challenges for using the new or updated spaces?

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Vision Plan Guiding Principles and Goals

The following guiding principles and goals were shared with the community to provide guidance in developing the vision for Zilker Park. Please consider these guiding principles and values as you respond to the questions below. To see the full test of the Guiding Principles and Goals, please visit the Project Webpage.

Nature and Ecology

The plan should treat Zilker Park as an ecological treasure. Recognize the park’s relation to water and explore opportunities for interaction with the lake without compromising environmental integrity.

Nature and Ecology Highlights:

  • Ecological Uplift: Restoring nature through an active management practice.
  • Reduction of impervious cover throughout park: To aid in drainage and ecological uplift processes.
  • Drainage enhancement: To address erosion and reduce pollutants from draining into Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake.
  • Butler Landfill: Transform area to natural area that may include woodland and savanna.
  • Barton Creek Access Points: To reduce erosion and control human impact to allow environment to recover.

History and Culture

Zilker Park is a metropolitan park which has a regional draw and focus. The plan should treat the park’s historic and cultural resources as a valued legacy to be celebrated for future generations.

History and Culture Highlights:

  • Interpretive storylines
  • Increased representation of indigenous peoples roles in the Park and emphasis on pre-European history
  • Preserving historical sites and structures and increasing educational programming

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Zilker Park should serve the entire community of Austin. The plan should align programs with community interest from all communities of Austin.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Highlights:

  • Interpretive storylines
  • Expanded programming opportunities through enhanced areas and education opportunities
  • Guidance on including diversity of vendors and concessionaires
  • More inclusive playground options and picnic spaces


The plan should knit the segmented pieces of Zilker Park together, ensuring a more accessible, safe and connected park – north and south sides of Barton Springs Road, north and south shores of Lady Bird Lake, east and west sides of Barton Creek, east and west sides of MoPac. The park is a place you can arrive to by multiple travel options.

Accessibility Highlights:

  • Increased pedestrian and bike paths
  • Centralized parking with internal shuttle route and extended Zilker Eagle line for moving within the park
  • External shuttle options and ongoing conversations for increased public transit
  • Additional restrooms
  • Increased circulation and entryways into the park


The plan should champion sustainability best-practices for Zilker Park. The park should serve as an example of sustainability, protecting and enhancing our natural spaces and assets.

Sustainability Highlights:

  • Active management for ecological uplift and drainage enhancement to reduce pollutants entering the water
  • Balanced approach to nature and overuse through multiple programming nodes
  • Guidance on future concessions and partnerships

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Please identify to what level the draft Zilker Park Vision Plan fulfills the Guiding Principles and Goals.

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Please share additional comments about the draft Zilker Park Vision Plan for the planning team to consider.

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