Share your big picture ideas around the future of housing, urban design, public space, and neighborhood services in Cleveland Park and Woodley Park. Feedback from this survey will help shape the design workshops in the Fall where we will start to visualize potential future development scenarios and design strategies to support increased affordable housing opportunities. The survey is open untill August 14, 11:59pm. 

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Couldn’t participate in the in-person Community Walk? Take this self-guided tour, between Porter Street and Calvert Street, with pictures and question prompts along the way that highlights some of the elements that shaped the built environment over time. 

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The Connecticut Avenue Development Guidelines is a neighborhood planning effort focused on the Cleveland Park and Woodley Park neighborhoods and is part of a broader Rock Creek West Corridors Planning initiative outlined in the 2021 Rock Creek West Road Map. The planning process is led by the DC Office of Planning (OP) and is intended to implement the Comprehensive Plan Act of 2021, particularly where land use designations have been updated along Connecticut Ave.

The Development Guidelines will explore how to support the need for additional housing, particularly affordable housing, in these high-capacity transit nodes while allowing for development that is compatible in character with the established historic districts. The effort will be undertaken in collaboration with OP’s Historic Preservation Office and the Historic Preservation Review Board to determine how design can both support the historic districts and meet the new land use designations provided in the updated Comprehensive Plan.

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