The Performance Parking Pilot Project seeks to improve the user experience with metered parking spaces on the curb in two key commercial and multifamily residential corridors.

The project will

  • Seek to make metered parking spaces more available, more often
  • Share useful information about parking options in real time
  • Seek to reduce the negative impacts associated with the search for metered parking (cruising, double parking, going somewhere else to do business, etc.). 

The pilot project includes about 4,500 metered parking spaces. The spaces are in two County Planning corridors: Rosslyn-Ballston and Crystal City/Pentagon City. Most of the spaces included in the pilot will be on-street parking.

The project will not

  • Seek to increase overall parking revenue
  • Increase all metered parking rates across the board
  • Decrease the number of reserved ADA-accessible parking spaces
  • Create dynamically or fast-changing metered pricing (i.e., it is not like the HOT lanes)

The system used for the project combines occupancy detection and pricing tools to provide better information on parking availability and influence demand for metered curb space.

On this form, we want to get your feedback on how we should prioritize the goals of this pilot project. The remainder of this feedback form will ask you a few questions about your travel habits, your priorities for this pilot project, and a bit about yourself. Every question in this feedback form is optional.