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* The SEAS Update area includes Archer Lodge, Benson, Clayton, Four Oaks, Garner, Kenly, Micro, Pine Level, Selma, Smithfield, Wilson's Mills, and parts of Raleigh, Johnston County, and Wake County.

Which of the following describes you? (Select all that apply)

The SEAS Update area includes Archer Lodge Benson Clayton Four Oaks Garner Kenly Micro Pine Level Selma Smithfield Wilson s Mills and parts of Raleigh Johnston County and Wake County. Which of the following describes you? (Select all that apply)
I live or own personal property in the study area
I work or go to school in the study area
I own a business or commercial property in the study area
I shop, dine, or recreate in the study area
I drive through the study area
I live, work or go to school in Johnston County
I live, work, or go to school in Wake County
I have no relation to the study area
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Your responses to the following demographic questions will help the study team ensure that the final recommendations represent the diverse needs and interests of the community.

Select all of the options below that apply to you.

My primary language is English or I speak and read English well.
I am 17 years old or younger
I am 18-24 years old
I am 25-64 years old
I am 65 years old or older
I identify as a woman
I identify as a man
I identify as non-binary or other gender
I am or am considered to be disabled
Five (5) or more people live in my household
My household's total income is at or under $53,000 per year
I am of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin of race
I represent a minority race or 2+ races (African-American, Asian, South Asian, American Indian, Alaska Native, Middle Eastern, Hawaiian, Pacific Islander)
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How did you hear about this survey? Select all that apply.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, NextDoor, etc.)
Printed flier, bookmark, poster
Email from CAMPO
Email from Other Organization
Online/digital news or media outlet
TV, radio, print newspaper
Word of mouth or at another meeting
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Thank you for participating in the second SEAS Update survey! A public feedback summary and the final draft of the study report will be posted to the project website later this year.

Phase 1 - Visioning

In 2022, as part of Phase I Engagement, we asked about your vision for transportation in the study area. From that input, the following Guiding Principles were developed for the study.

Critical Transportation Issues

We also learned that the most critical transportation issues for the community are
1) traffic congestion and delay
2) a lack of transit
3) safety issues

The Phase 1 Engagement summary is available here.

Phase 2 - Prioritize Projects

The results of community feedback through this survey, along with input from the technical staff and members of the study's stakeholder oversight team, will be used to develop a final set of short-, mid-, and long-term transportation project  and land use recommendations.

Study Completion - Final Report

The CAMPO Executive Board will take action to endorse the final set of transportation projects and policy recommendations from the study. Those recommendations will feed into the Triangle Region's 2055 Metropolitan Transportation Plan as well as the 10-year Transportation Improvement Program.

Join Us!

Public Symposium

June 22nd from 5-7pm

Garner Town Hall

900 7th Avenue

Drop by anytime! Review the draft transportation recommendations and talk with the study team.