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Introducing, our Seminar Series - a set of videos aimed to provide easy insight into community engagement best practices. In this video learning series, we'll demonstrate: 

  • Best practices and creative engagement strategies
  • Current features created to help accomplish your engagement goals,
  • And new features, direct from our product development team to you

Together, let's lead the charge against mediocre engagement tactics in favor of meaningful public involvement. 

Meet Your Host


Dr. Kristin Williams is's Training Manager and Engagement Specialist, where she works with current partners to implement our software while also creating opportunities to customize tactics to create public engagement strategies. Before, Kristin was the Engagement Coordinator for The City of Raleigh's Planning & Development Department.

She has over a decade of experience in curriculum design and instruction as a former Assistant Professor of Sociology and founder of the Butner Education Initiative, a program dedicated to working with non-traditional students with limited resources. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from North Carolina State University (Go Pack!), where she studied social inequalities and criminology. Seminar — VPMs, Webex, and Youtube

Join Kristin as she walks through how to use two of our newest features: 1. Authenticate your Webex account through your meeting editor 2. Use our automated YouTube option to streamline... Seminar — Environmental Data Module

Join Kristin as she walks through how to the Environmental Data Module maps data from EPA's EJSCREEN directly onto your outreach. 1. Immediately identify underrepresented...