IMPORTANT: From the previous community survey feedback, PARD has drafted several goals to guide the vision planning process. Questions will be asked based on these draft goals:

1. Enhance and preserve natural amenities

  • Preserve and enhance shade within the park
  • Improve and maintain the duck pond
  • Add more native habitat areas

2. Enhance and increase recreational amenities (active and passive)

  • Support walkers and bikers with adequate trail networks
  • Add seating for passive recreational opportunities
  • Incorporate more open-ended active uses of the park
  • Support existing active recreation uses (baseball, tennis, pickleball, pool)

3. Increase park connectivity and park identity

  • Better connect the park to the neighborhood and nearby recreational amenities
  • Enhance signage and wayfinding
  • Create opportunities to learn about the park and its history

4. Balance park amenities with other City infastructure needs 

  • Coordinate dam rehabilitation requirements with community needs
  • Provide space within the vision plan for pool modernization
  • Plan for sewer line replacement project

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What word summarizes the importance of Sheffield Northwest Park?

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Please rate how well you agree with the following statement: The values shared capture my vision for the planning process.

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What is currently missing from the proposed planning values?

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