Shoreline Stabilization CR-102 Rule Proposal and WAC Text

WDFW proposes to amend WAC 220-660-370 Bank Protection. The agency’s purpose for this rule amendment is to implement Substitute Senate Bill 5273 (SSB 5273), passed by the legislature in 2021. Rule changes will:

  • Specify that replacement of residential marine shoreline stabilization must utilize the least impacting technically feasible alternative for the protection of fish life;
  • Identify alternatives from most to least preferred;
  • Specify that a site assessment and alternatives analysis report prepared by a qualified professional is required as part of an application for a Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) permit for this type of project;
  • Identify mandatory report elements; and
  • Establish procedures for emergency and expedited shoreline stabilization permits.

You can find Additional information by visiting the Shoreline Stabilization HPA rule making page.

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