This project has been identified as a top priority due to safety concerns associated with the aging infrastructure aiming to improve safety and accessibility for all residents and visitors. 


These intersections included in the project are:

  • Haywood Street & Page Avenue

  • Haywood Street & College Street

  • Haywood Street & Patton Avenue

  • College Street & North Lexington Avenue. 


The project's scope encompasses a comprehensive approach to address safety issues and improve accessibility. Key components of the project include:


  1. Traffic Signal Analysis: Thorough analysis of traffic signals at designated intersections to optimize functionality and efficiency.

  2. Design and Replacement: Implementation of upgraded designs and replacement of outdated infrastructure to meet modern safety standards.

  3. ADA/PROWAG Compliance: Integration of improved ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and PROWAG (Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines) compliance measures. This includes enhancing adjacent curb ramps and crosswalks to ensure accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

  4. Signalized Pedestrian Features: Implementation of signalized pedestrian features to enhance safety for pedestrians crossing these intersections.

  5. Pedestrian Access Route Enhancements: Identification and mitigation of potential challenges along Pedestrian Access Routes. This may involve additional work such as bulb outs and sidewalk expansion to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility.


As the project moves forward, collaboration between city officials, transportation experts, and community stakeholders will be instrumental in its success. The City’s Transportation Department remains dedicated to transparent communication and welcomes questions from residents throughout the project's implementation.


Project Design - Spring 2024

Project Bid for Contractors - Fall/Winer 2024

Anticipated Construction Start - 2025

Contact Information 

Susannah Horton

Capital Projects, City of Asheville