Help test ways to make our streets safer

The Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) has launched a pilot of the TravelSafely app in South End. 

TravelSafely aims to connect users, improve traffic, and save lives, which aligns with the mission and goals of the Charlotte Department of Transportation and Vision Zero. By using the app, you’ll be connected to a network of traffic intersections, pedestrian beacons, motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. The app uses audible warnings to alert you to potentially dangerous road conditions. Utilizing the spoken alerts allows you to focus on the road and receive alerts while using your favorite mapping app.

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TravelSafely App Features                                                                                             

The TravelSafely app has benefits for all who drive, walk, bike and roll in South End. Some of the features of the app include:

  • Get Ready for Green – At a red light, the app will verbally notify you when the light is about to turn green.

  • Red Light Warning – If a user speeds towards a red light, the app will alert that they are approaching the intersection too fast.

  • Slow Speed Zone Warning -The app will warn you if you’re traveling too fast in a slow speed zone.

  • Cyclist Ahead Warning – If you’re a motorist, the app will warn you if there’s a cyclist using the app on the road ahead.

  • Pedestrian Ahead Warning - If you’re a motorist, the app will warn you of pedestrians using the app in the crosswalk ahead if it detects you aren’t going to stop.

Use of the TravelSafely app provides supplemental information to enhance driving decisions while following the rules of the road. All travelers utilizing the app still need to remain alert and mindful of all responsibilities as a motorist, pedestrian, or bicyclist.

TravelSafely Pilot Area Map

TravelSafely Pilot Map
TravelSafely Purpose Icons


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