Project Overview

The two areas of focus for Sustainable DC 3.0 development are:

  • Enhancing equity
  • Updating the plan's targets

Since Sustainable DC 2.0 was published in 2019, there has been a renewed reckoning with racial injustice as well as an increase in resources on how to assess impact on racial equity. We will use these resources, in combination with community engagement, to determine how the next version of the plan can better advance racial equity, economic justice, and climate justice.

All goals in the Sustainable DC 2.0 Plan have an associated target, so we can track data and measure progress. However, some targets could be updated in order to be more easily measured. In the next version of the plan, we will revise the targets so that they all have baselines and can be tracked over time using available data.

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Project Contacts

Oana Leahu-Aluas, Department of Energy and Environment,

Stephen Gyor, Office of Planning,