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On December 7, 2023 staff provided an update to City Council at their agenda briefing worksession


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December Update - Matrix Document


Staff provided an October update on the process of the recommendations. 

Some highlights are:

  • Finalization of the Emergency Operations Plan and Continuity of Operations Plan and Excercising them.
  • The onboarding of the Water Public Information Officer is underway.
  • Water staff is finalizing the scope of for the Preliminary Engineering Report and wil post a Request for Qualifcations in the coming weeks.


October Update - Matrix Document


The IRC Report included an overview of the water outage incident, an overview of the water production and distrubution system, a hydraulic modeling report and a total of 37 recommendations

  • 10 - Water System/Operations
  • 11- Communication
  • 16 - Emergency Response

Staff has created a  matrix document with the city response to each of the recommendations including timelines.

Original Matrix Document


Committee Members:


John McLaughlinWater Subject Matter Expert
Ted TyreeWater Subject Matter Expert
Michael HolcombeWater Subject Matter Expert
Mike McGillCommunication Subject Matter Expert
Rob BrisleyCommunication Subject Matter Expert
Dennis FagnantEmergency Management Subject Matter Expert
Michele AshleyResidential Water Customer
Kim "Dirt" MurphyResidential Water Customer
Carolyn RoyBusiness Water Customer


At the January 10th meeting Asheville City Council voted to create a multidisciplinary team to review the water outage. The kickoff meeting for the committee took place on February 20, 2023.  The goals of this meeting were  to 1) introduce members 2) develop a shared understanding of the timeline, outcomes, and impact of the water outage 3) create subcommittees 4) develop a meeting schedule and action items.


The following subcommittees were created:


  • Water System 

    • Treatment Operations

    • Transmission and distribution

  • Emergency Response

  • Communications

    • Internal 

    • External


Subcommittees are meeting, conducting interviews and analyzing information to develop an understanding of the events and to make recommendations for improvements in the specifically identified areas.

January 10City Council Vote to create independent review comittee
February 20Comittee Kickoff Meeting
February - MayComittee and subcomittee meeting scheduled as required to complete the review
March 1Roles and Responsibilities Meeting
March 21Committee Check in Meeting
March 28Update to City Council
April 25Update to City Council
May 1Committee Check in Meeting
May 15Committee Check in Meeting
June 1Committee Check in Meeting
June 13

Final report to City Council



Aug 22

City Council Work Sessions - Response to Recommendations


-Recommendations Matrix Document

Updated: 10/30/23