About this project

Homegrown Hillsborough is the name of the food system program coordinated by Hillsborough County. Homegrown Hillsborough is a network of community members with the mission to grow a strong food system. The vision is to create an integrated food system that is diverse, reliable, and creates opportunity for active participation. Homegrown Hillsborough will act as an educational and community development initiative with a focus on community nutrition, food entrepreneurship, and agricultural production that will strengthen the relationship that Hillsborough County residents have with their food.


Goal of the survey

This survey is to discover what aspects of the food system Hillsborough County residents are interested in learning more about so that Homegrown Hillsborough can create programs and projects relevant to their interests and values. 


What is a food system?

A food system includes all the components from production to waste disposal that is involved in feeding individuals and communities.


The components include:

  • Production

  • Processing + Distribution

  • Marketing

  • Access

  • Consumption 

  • Waste Recovery


Learn more by watching this Video