There are four parts to this initial public engagement opportunity for the Lorcom Lane Safety Project:

  1. Project Background and Goals
    • Why this project? Why now? We answer these questions below.
  2. Project Location and Existing Conditions
    • Here, we define the project corridor and show you what is there today, including traffic data.
  3. Questions About Your Experiences
    • On this page, we have four questions for you about how you use this segment of Lorcom Lane and your experiences while travelling here.
  4. Interactive Map
    • Here, you'll be able to add your notes to specific locations within the project corridor, to share more detailed experiences with the project team as we develop a conceptual design for the project.


This engagement opportunity is open through December 11, 2022. Following a review of your input, the project team will summarize what we heard and begin integrating your feedback into a conceptual design to be shared back with the community in Spring 2023 for a second round of public engagement.

Questions? Comments? Email Nate Graham, Public Engagement Specialist at nsgraham@arlingtonva.us.

Project Backround

In Spring 2021, Arlington County transportation staff implemented a Vision Zero Pilot Safety Project on the north side of the 3800 block of Lorcom Lane. This project, part of a set of pilot projects implemented in coordination with Arlington Public Schools in advance of the reopening of APS buildings for in-person learning, used temporary materials to provide a walking path on the north side of the street. 

After review of data gathered during the pilot and community outreach through an online feedback form, transportation staff decided to maintain the temporary walking path moving forward, and implement a permanent project through the County's Capital Improvement Program. This project will deliver permanent sidewalks in the pilot corridor and look for other opportunities to make Lorcom Lane safer for all road users.

More information about the Pilot Safety Project


Project Basis

Planning guidance from this project comes from the following County Board-adopted plans and policies:

Master Transportation Plan

Vision Zero Action Plan

  • Vision Zero policies call on County Transportation staff to take a proactive approach to safety, to eliminate severe and fatal crashes from our transportation network by 2030
  • Crash data analysis from the Vision Zero Action plan showed that higher vehicle speeds more frequently result in more severe or fatal crashes

Additionally, the corridor is part of the school walk zone for Dorothy Hamm Middle School, and adjacent to a pre-school hosted by a faith-based organization at the intersection of Lorcom Lane and Nelly Custis Drive.