In 2022, the City resurfaced Collindale Avenue (Lake Michigan Dr to Leonard St)Now that a year has passed since the project was completed, we want to know your thoughts. Your feedback will be used to inform future projects.

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Project background


This project:

  • Removed the existing road surface and paved the street with new asphalt. 
  • Installed a mini roundabout at the Collindale Avenue and Burritt Street intersection. 
  • Installed a raised median on Collindale Avenue near Leonard Street to help slow traffic entering the neighborhood. 
  • Narrowed Collindale Avenue near the 7th Street intersection to help slow traffic.
  • Upgraded sidewalks and curb ramps to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.
  • Made minor improvements to the storm sewer system, which handles storm water. Stormwater is rainwater or water from melting snow or ice. The stormwater system includes catch basins (the grates found periodically along curbs) that collect the water from the street and carry it into a main line.
  • Planted 50 new street trees.

Before Reconstruction

After Reconstruction