Westfield Master Plan Reexamination

Westfield Master Plan Reexamination

Welcome to the Town of Westfield's Master Plan Reexamination website. We are reexamining our current Master Plan, and we want to hear from you! This site will be updated regularly with survey questions, opportunities to participate in the development of the Master Plan Reexamination, and plan updates. The information you provide will help guide the decisions for our community for the next 10 years! 

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Who We Are

The Master Plan Reexamination process is being facilitated by a Steering Committee, comprised of various town representatives from some of Westfield's Boards and Committees.

  • Mayor Shelley Brindle
  • Councilwoman Linda Habgood
  • Sherry Cronin, Director, Downtown Westfield Corporation
  • James Gildea, Town Administrator
  • William Heinbokel, Past Chair, Board of Adjustment
  • Liz Jeffery, Economic Development Advisor
  • Kelly Kessler, Vice Chair, Historic Preservation Commission
  • Robert Newell, Chair, Planning Board
  • Gretchan Ohlig, Board of Education Representative
  • Donald Sammet, Town Planner
  • Alan Tremulak, Esq., Planning Board Attorney
  • Anastasia Harrison, Planning Board member, Steerling Committee alternate
  • Michael LaPlace, Planning Board member, Steering Committee alternate


H2M Associates and TimHaahs are assisting the Town of Westfield in the development of the Reexamination Report.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is a Reexamination Report?

    A Reexamination Report is a reassessment of a municipality's current Master Plan.
  2. Why is the Town doing a reexamination? 

    The New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law requires that each municipality reexamine its Master Plan and development regulations at least every 10 years. Specifically, the MLUL states:

    “The governing body shall, at least every ten years, provide for a general reexamination of its Master Plan and development regulations by the Planning Board, which shall prepare and adopt by resolution a report on the findings of such reexamination, a copy of which report and resolution shall be sent to the County Planning Board. A notice that the report and resolution have been prepared shall be sent to the municipal clerk of each adjoining municipality.”
  3. What is covered by the Reexamination Report?

The Reexamination Report reviews the adopted elements of the current adopted Master Plan, completed in 2002, and amended in subsequent years. The Master Plan addressed the following topics: Goals and Objectives, Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Community Facilities, Downtown Economic Development, and Historic Preservation.

In addition to the required Reexamination Report, we are undertaking a qualitative assessment of parking in the Downtown area of Westfield, and hosting a number of community engagement events where residents, business owners and other interested people have the opportunity to participate in the planning process.

  1. When will the report be completed? 

    It is expected the reexamination will be adopted by the Planning Board by the end of 2019.
  2. How can I participate?

    You can provide valuable insight into the reexamination report by completing the survey questions on this webpage and participating at upcoming community workshops. And help spread the word by sharing on social media and telling your friends and family about what we are doing!



Project Kickoff

We started this project in December 2018


Community Workshop #1

Thursday, March 21st, 7-9pm at the Edison Intermediate School Cafeteria


Community Workshop #2

Wednesday, April 3rd, 7-9pm at the Town Hall Community Room


Community Workshop #3

Wednesday, April 24th, 7-9pm at the Edison Intermediate School Cafeteria


Community Workshop #4

Monday, April 29th, 7-9pm at the Town Hall Community Room


Spring Fling

Westfield's Spring Fling, Sunday, May 5th, 10am-5pm in Downtown


Planning Board Update

July 1st, 7:30pm at Town Hall

Westfield Master Planning Documents


The following documents are Westfield's previously existing planning documents.

These plans will form the basis for the new Reexamination Report.

2002 Master Plan

2009 Reexamination Report 


New Documents!

As the Reexamination process moves forward, we will be updating the page with summaries, reports, and photos of the information we have gathered and events we have held.

Mayor during Stakeholder Visioning MeetingBreakout Groups during Workshop


We will be selecting two survey participants to win a Town of Westfield Parking Smart Card worth $50. Please provide your email in the section below to be eligible, and stay up to date with Westfield's Master Plan Reexamination. Your information won't be shared with anyone outside of the planning project team.

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Westfield is also developing a new Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan, separate from this Reexamination Report process.
For more information on that plan, and to take a brief survey on the Town's parks and recreational offerings, also visit:


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