Accounts Receivable Policy


All invoices are payable according to the original terms set forth in an accepted proposal or from the standard Services Order form. Invoices are delivered via email, and payable either online or by check to:

Cityzen Solutions, Inc.

2409-107 Crabtree Blvd. Suite 303

Raleigh NC 27604-2232

Payment for direct cost services offers access to paid digital advertising on its platform via partners such as Facebook, Instagram, and local news outlets.  Customers opting to purchase advertising through the platform must have an existing credit with the platform, either through a recurring contract or a special order for additional targeted advertising. cannot purchase targeted outreach until payment for these services has been received in full.

Past due accounts

Past due accounts are subject to the terms set in the initial services agreement. Accounts that are more than 60 days past due are automatically converted to inactive status. Inactive accounts remain available for administrative access, but public-facing content is only accessible to logged in customer administrators.

Accounts can return to active status as soon as payment is received or when a payment plan is agreed upon.

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