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A solution that ensures equitable outreach by layering the Environmental Justice data from the EPA onto your participation maps inside your PublicInput projects.

Measure & Visualize Equity in Your Public Engagement

Public | Equity Mapping demystifies the complex process of Environmental Justice (EJ) analysis by bringing demographic information right to your PublicInput dashboard.  You can overlay mapping layers from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) EJSCREEN tool directly onto your participant maps in PublicInput, allowing you to track how your public engagement efforts impact Environmental Justice (EJ) and historically disenfranchised communities.

Ensure you are compliant with with Federal requirements by:

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Demonstrating quantifiable equity with participation data

Showing your outreach methods are aligned with community conditions and needs

Measuring the equitable access to the decision-making process

Visualize the impact and equity of your engagement tactics

Quickly layering your targeted EJ data straight from the EPA

Add your agency’s layers (such as districts, jurisdictions, and boundaries)

Segment using layers like Qualified Census Tracts, Limited English Proficiency, Low Income, and more

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What Our Clients Say

"We can push public involvement messages and surveys to specific pockets, and that has been very important when we try to make sure we close the gap."



Juan Carlos Erickson

Director of Communications and Community Engagement, GoTriangle

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