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PublicInput allows local governments to apply a unified, consistent approach to engagement and connect with constituents in a transparent and inclusive manner. By bringing together disconnected processes, tools and teams, public organizations are achieving better outcomes and building public trust. Our platform enables local governments to make a positive impact in their community by leveraging insight to make data-driven decisions.

Real Results from Real Communities

Trusted by hundreds of communities and governments across the U.S. and Canada, read how the City of Williamsburg leveraged PublicInput to help meet the needs of a diverse and growing city.

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Using data analytics to segment input from specific geographic areas to engage more residents and improve relationships on affordable housing.

Working through community partners to engage more residents.

Across the country, growing communities are grappling with the issue of housing affordability. Williamsburg, Virginia, best known for its prominent role in our nation’s history, is no exception.

The Challenge

How do you ensure broad participation in public participation so you can get contrasting viewpoints on affordable housing and short-term rentals?

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Government practitioners are starting to realize the benefits of using a mixed mode strategy to better engage all residents for representative feedback. However, using a variety of methods for engagement creates a need to reliably capture and organize all public input in a way that makes it easy to understand without letting anything fall through the cracks.

Software is now making it possible for residents to engage however they prefer – online or offline – and store all input and communication into one public participation database, building resident profiles and segments along the way.


Going to residents instead of expecting them to come to you lowers the barrier to participation and increases equitable engagement.

When all communication and engagement channels are interconnected, you can combine your tactics to meet people where they are.

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Telling a clear story and seeing the big picture only happens when you can make sense of the data in front of you. Use the built-in data analytics suite to visually understand participant responses, demographics, qualitative insights, and overall sentiment. 

Publish dynamic, easy-to-share reports for internal and external communications. Give your organization the tools to conduct data-driven planning with the peace of mind that decisions are improving the quality of life for all residents.

Articles for Organizations

The Important Differences Between SurveyMonkey and Public Engagement Software

The Important Differences Between SurveyMonkey and Public Engagement Software

Using an online survey tool like SurveyMonkey may seem like a no-brainer, but online survey tools like SurveyMonkey are not designed for public engagement – and can even undermine your success.

Start with your intention. When considering an engagement tool, it’s important to ask the following…

Community Engagement Software Quantifies Public Perceptions on Parking, Traffic

Community Engagement Software Quantifies Public Perceptions on Parking, Traffic

Cities of every size are subject to traffic and parking issues. Every town has roads, commuters, pedestrians, bikers – not to mention limits created by zoning, space, or capacity for infrastructure.

Exeter, New Hampshire is a town of 15,000 residents. Over the past year parking and traffic have been garnering more attention from the public, the Select Board, and regional press.

What Our Clients Say

“PublicInput gives you the Ferrari of engagement technology. It is robust, agile, and allows local governments to laser-focus on underrepresented communities of color, residents with limited English proficiency, and people with disabilities . . .”



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Community Engagement Specialist

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