Sunshine Week 2022

What is Sunshine Week?

Started in 2005 by the New Leaders Association, Sunshine Week is a national initiative designed to “promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information.”

An annual reminder, Sunshine Week provides an opportunity for governments to reexamine the status of open, accessible, and transparent processes and practices that comply with local Sunshine Laws.  

How to be Sunshine Compliant

Increase public trust and efficiently stay compliant using open and transparent public meeting practices that allow the public to:

Open Public Meetings

Whether it is a regular recurring public meeting or a special community event, open public meeting compliance and success is all about access and records retention! Here are some things to consider when planning and selecting the tools you will need: 

Sunshine Week is the perfect time to get started with your next meeting or community event?  Visit our Public | Meetings module page or set up some time to learn more about how easy  it can be. 

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