We received more than 1,800 engagement responses in engagement #2. Participants engaged in a variety of ways including an online form, commenting directly on the draft, attending in-person pop-up events at 23 locations, commission meetings, through stakeholder groups and community events, and at a virtual open house session. 

Approximately 70% of the respondents “support the County's vision for its forests and natural resources” and felt the strategic directions were on target.

Top themes from the open-ended comments include: 

  • Strong support for the vision and recommendations in the draft.
  • More urgency in tone and content, especially regarding climate issues and how direct and specific the plan's recommendations are.
  • More metrics, measurable goals, and specifics on implementation.
  • Deeper, more creative thinking about land uses, possible conservation incentives, and educational efforts.
  • A more ambitious goal for tree canopy than what was in the preliminary draft.

​For more information on what we heard, please review the engagement summary and engagement report from the second engagement that informed this final draft plan.