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The project logo Climate Action Plan Update

The project logo Climate Action Plan Update

Cover of the 2015 King County Strategic Climate Action Plan. It has a collage of photos of a container, girl planting a tree, electric bus, solar panel, person recycling, person riding a bike.King County is updating its Strategic Climate Action Plan in 2020 that will outline the County’s actions on climate change for the next five years. The King County Climate Action Team is seeking public input on the 2020 SCAP update which will focus on reducing regional greenhouse gas emissions, preparing for climate change impacts, and supportinresilience in communities disproportionally impacted by climate change. By providing your input, you will help inform the priorities included in the 2020 SCAP to reflect the values and concerns of King County communities.


The SCAP is King County’s blueprint for climate action, and provides a “one-stop-shop” for county decision-makers, employees, and the general public to learn about the County’s climate change goals, priorities and commitments.  In 2019 and 2020 the County will be updating, revising, and adding to the SCAP to ensure County work continues to achieve our regional greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, identify new opportunities to take action on climate solutions, and create social, economic and environmental benefits for King County communities. An updated SCAP will be developed and transmitted to the King County Council by June 2020. Read the 2017 SCAP Biennial Report to learn about the County’s progress on climate action. 



How to use: Navigate through each section by clicking the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page. Provide feedback on as many sections as you would like. You do not have to provide feedback on every section and can continue through each section without commenting or by leaving the section unanswered if you do not wish to comment.  




Preparing for Climate Change


King County plays critical roles related to climate change preparedness, planning, and regional coordination. The County is collaborating with local cities, residents, and other partners to prepare for the effects of climate change on human health, public safety, the environment, and our economy. Additionally the County is planning and preparing for the impacts of climate change on County-owned facilities, infrastructure, and natural resources. 

The climate preparedness section strengthens and expands the County’s climate preparedness commitments, focusing on assessing climate impacts and tailoring recommended actions to core County services, integrating an equity and social justice lens, and expanding regional coordination. 

Water from Puget Sound hit the top step of the beach access steps during a King Tide event. A ferry at sunset in the Puget Sound, the sky is very hazy because of smoke. Aerial view of the flooded Snoqualmie River, the river overflows the landscape.



Please share your thoughts and ideas on addressing the preparing for climate change impacts section of the 2020 SCAP.
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