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DCPS Dialogues with Chancellor Ferebee

DCPS Dialogues with Chancellor Ferebee

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After months of connecting with stakeholders across all eight wards through a series of “Ferebee Fridays,” Chancellor Ferebee is looking forward to engaging more deeply on topics he heard mattered most to our families, students, staff and community members. Over the coming months, Chancellor Ferebee will be hosting a series of small-group “DCPS Dialogue” gatherings at schools, libraries, and community centers across the District. The purpose is to host topic-specific  conversations and gather feedback going into School Year 2019-2020.  

During these engagements Chancellor Ferebee is excited to listen and learn to DCPS stakeholders to better understand their experiences and how we can improve programs and policies. These discussions will be smaller group discussion formats with attendance capped at 20 to keep the conversation intimate. 
To join us please sign up at For questions, please contact [email protected] or 202-719-6613.

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