King County Metro Transit Survey

Share your ideas about meeting transportation needs while advancing equity and sustainability

Metro is committed to meeting the mobility needs of our growing region in a way that advances social equity and environmental sustainability. We will do this by continuing to build an integrated network of traditional and new transportation services that support healthy communities, a thriving economy, and a sustainable environment.

To help us achieve these outcomes, we formed an Equity Cabinet made up of 23 community leaders representing low-income people, people of color, indigenous people, immigrants and refugees, people with disabilities, and limited-English speaking communities. The Cabinet is working with us to develop a Mobility Framework that will guide our plans, policies and investments in 2020 and beyond. The framework will also highlight actions that community and business partners can take.

Earlier this year, the Cabinet helped us develop guiding principles and conduct research to identify service gaps and opportunities. Now the Cabinet is helping us develop recommendations for services and innovations that advance equity and address climate change—and we want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

The following survey is organized into five topic areas. For each topic you will see our guiding principles, key transportation trends and opportunities identified in our research, an example of a program that advances equity or sustainability in another community, and questions for you to answer. 

Question title

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