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The project logo DCPS FY22 Budget Engagement

The project logo DCPS FY22 Budget Engagement

Looking Ahead to FY22 and Beyond


For Fiscal Year 2022, which will take effect in School Year 2021-2022, we are taking a step back to holistically evaluate our budget model. Our goal is to determine how we can best engage in transparent, equitable, and financially sustainable budgeting that empowers principals to use resources in a more flexible manner to improve student outcomes. Engagement with our stakeholders and school budget experts is critical to ensuring that our budget meets the needs of the students and families we serve every day.

As we think about developing a budget model, there are three key challenges we are solving for:

  • Equity: How do we ensure the new model helps school leaders make the best decisions for all students and helps to close the opportunity gap?
  • Financial Sustainability: How do we create a model that is financially sustainable, given the reality of rising costs?
  • Transparency: How do we help our community understand how our funds are allocated?

How to give feedback:

  1. View the FY22 Budget Videos below and follow along with the provided Powerpoint - DCPS FY22 Next Generation Budget Model.pdf
  2. Answer each question below by clicking through the 6 tabs.
    • Click the Comment Button to submit a response to each question.
    • Comments posted will be made public. You can make a comment private by sliding the "Post Public" to off.
  3. Complete the survey by clicking Finish Survey.

This survey will be open until September 4th. 


Contact us at [email protected].

DCPS FY22 Next Generation Budget Model Videos

Part 1 - Understand

Part 2 - Design


Part 3 - Build


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