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Crozet CAC Meeting (5/13/20)

Crozet CAC Meeting (5/13/20)

This is the first Virtual Meeting of the Crozet Community Advisory Committee. The focus of this meeting will include a review of the revised community engagement process, feedback to date, and the draft Guiding Principle and Goals for the Master Plan's Character chapter.

AGENDA: Crozet Master Plan Character Chapter Review & Work Session

  1. Call to Order & Agenda Review
  2. Revised Process Overview & Discussion (30 minutes)
    • Attachments: COVID-19 Engagement Revisions, Virtual Outreach Plan, Work & Engagement Plan diagram, Engagement Schedule/Crozet Gazette Insert
    • Discussion Questions: Is the group comfortable with virtual meetings moving forward? Does the group have any suggestions for improving outreach? Are there opportunities we may be missing?
  3. Recap of Feedback to Date & Discussion (30 minutes)
    • Attachments: January Workshop Feedback Summary, February Events Feedback Summary
    • Discussion Question: Do you have any other comments or questions about the feedback?
  4. Character Guiding Principle & Goals Discussion (30 minutes)
    • Attachment: Draft Guiding Principles & Goals (5/7/2020)
    • Discussion Questions: Are any focus areas missing? Do you have any other comments or questions?

Do you have any questions or comments about the community feedback received to date?
Closed for Comments
Are any focus areas missing?
Closed for Comments
Do you have any other comments or questions?
Closed for Comments


During the Q&A portion of this meeting, we invite you to share your comments or questions through this web page or by telephone. 

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    • We recommend that you RSVP/Register in advance so that you don't have to login during the meeting.
  • To participate by telephone, call: 855-925-2801 and type in code: 8755 
    • Press *1 to listen to the meeting (your microphone will be muted).
    • Press *2 to be added to the queue and participate in the meeting. 
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