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The project logo Stormwater Design Manual Updates

The project logo Stormwater Design Manual Updates

The City of Raleigh is gathering feedback from residents and the development community that will help us update our stormwater design manual. This manual provides detailed information on how to manage stormwater on a developed site (during and after construction). Stormwater management required on a site includes making sure:

  • Soil doesn’t flow into the storm drainage system;
  • Development doesn’t cause severe erosion; and,
  • Amount of runoff coming from a property is maintained using a stormwater device. 

The new manual will provide the community with the information they need to develop an area that effectively meets local and state regulations, stormwater management needs, and development trends. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts.

Content in the manual is required when working on a development project.  Stormwater regulations apply to all properties in Raleigh.

 You can find more information on the Stormwater Design Manual webpage.

Stormwater Design Manual Comments

We are in the process of updating our stormwater design manual. We'd like your feedback on the changes that we've made so far for the first draft. We'd like to know your thoughts on each chapter...

Survey for Developers

We'd like to hear about your experience using the stormwater design manual as well as meeting local/state regulations and development trends. 

Survey for Residents

We'd like to know your experience using the manual, completing construction on your property, and development impacts in your neighborhood.​