Project Substantially Completed as of  6/22/22

Estimated Start Date:  Monday, March 21 
Construction Days:  Mon-Thu; Except Holidays
Construction Times:  7am-7pm
Estimated Completion Date:  May; Construction expected to last approximately 45 days. 
Repaving Intersection:  Monday, June 20 through Tuesday, June 21.  (See Latest Traffic Impacts Tab Above)

Note: Schedules are subject to change due to weather and material availability


Key Project Benefits:

  • Safety enhancements through three-way signaling
  • Protected turn-lanes through raised medians and extended paint lines
  • Powerhouse Rd. pedestrian ramp rebuild.  Refreshed cross-walk striping and signaling
  • Highway widening for westbound traffic; Chip seal road resurfacing for entire roadway stretch
  • Updated and additional directional signage
Image: All poles and mast arms in place.  Traffic lights to be powered up in June!  05/16/22
Image:  Powerhouse signal mast arm in place. U.S. 6 mast arm to be raised May 12th.  5/12/22
Image:  Median island installed 4/28/22
Image:  Signal pole base installed; Southwest corner of intersection 4/22/22
Image:  Motor grader operator looking East into Canyon 4/14/22
Image: Signal pole forms set in place (Northeast corner) 4/14/22
Image: Luminaire pole forms set in place (Northwest corner) 3/31/22
Image:  Power supply conduit for intersection signals/lighting 3/31/22
Road widening area to the North of U.S. 6  3/31/22

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