About Implementation Projects

An implementation project is a planning, policy, or capital project that is recommended in the Land Use, Transportation, or Conservation chapter of the Master Plan. Implementation projects are funded and implemented through the Albemarle County Capital Improvements Program, the Community Development Work Program (as directed by the Board of Supervisors), as well as statewide transportation grants and matching programs. After the Master Plan is adopted, recommended projects are considered by the Board of Supervisors alongside recommendations across Albemarle County. 

We have characterized the implementation projects into three categories:

  • Planning: Projects that will develop a vision, area plan, or site plan for a specific area. 
  • Policy: Projects that will develop a specific policy or a proposed change to an existing policy. 
  • Capital: Projects that will be built or constructed, such as a trail, park, library, or road improvement.

Guide to this Questionnaire

The following pages of this questionnaire serve as a guide to all of the projects recommended in the draft 2021 Crozet Master Plan Update.

The recommendations are divided into three sections by type of project: 1) Planning Projects, 2) Policy Projects, and 3) Capital Projects. The Capital Projects section is further separated into two categories: capital projects with an estimated cost greater than $3 million, and capital projects with an estimated cost less than $3 million. This is intended to make it easier for community members and County staff to compare projects with a similar scale and timeline. The following pages include a description of each of the projects, grouped by type of project. To access the complete listing of projects, please click here

COLOR AND NUMBER CODING throughout this document are associated with the draft Crozet Master Plan chapters. Each letter and number combination aligns with recommendations in the draft chapters.

  • Yellow recommendations are from the Land Use Chapter,
  • Blue recommendations are from the Transportation Chapter, and
  • Green recommendations are from the Conservation Chapter.

COST ESTIMATES are general ranges and do not consider outside funding sources (such as state funds, federal funds, grants, etc.) that may reduce the project’s cost to the County.

  • $: <$500,000
  • $$: $500,000 - $3,000,000
  • $$$: $3,000,000 - $8,000,000
  • $$$$: $8,000,000 - $12,000,000
  • $$$$$: >$12,000,000

REALIZATION TIMEFRAMES refer to the amount of time that it will take for a project to be completed, from start to finish, when everything is in place for the project, such as funding and land acquisition. Funding and realization timelines for identified transportation projects are estimates based on current State and Federal Transportation funding programs. When outside funding sources are needed (especially for the higher-cost projects), timelines are determined by State and Federal processes. Delays are also possible if the County is not able to secure funding for identified projects, which is not uncommon due to the competitive nature of these programs.


Virtual Information Session Recording

If you'd like to watch a recording of the Information Session from May 25, 2021 instead of reading about the projects on the following pages, view the Youtube video below: