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The project logo Enfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The project logo Enfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

NCDOT has awarded a grant to the Town of Enfield to develop a Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.  The goals of this plan are to develop a list of bicycle and pedestrian projects that help get people moving, make walking and biking safer, and bring jobs to  Enfield. 

Once complete, NCDOT will include the results in development of the Bicycle and Pedestrian elements of the County's Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP).  Comprehensive Transportation Plans are the long range vision plan for transportation networks for Municipalities and Counties throughout the State.  

To be successful the plan needs your support.  We would like to know what projects you think should be undertaken.  

Project contact: 

Bryan Lopez | Trannsportation Planner, NCDOT Integrated Mobility Division

[email protected] | (919) 707 2606


Enfield Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

NCDOT staff along wtih Consultant project Engineers and Planners visited Enfield to get a feel for the Town. The Mayor and a steering committee of eight residents have helped them better understand Enfield. 

The team had hoped to have a local meeting to discuss project ideas with you, however the COVID 19 pandemic has interfered with that process. Instead, we would like you to help us by completing this survey.   

The Projects

  • Health
    • River Street Public Space
    • Permanent Farmer's Market Location
  • Safety
    • High Visibility Pedestrian Crossing of U.S. 301 at Whitaker Street
    • Sidewalks Along U.S. 301 inside the Town Limits
  • Economic Development
    • Outdoor Dining Ordinance
    • Self Guided Tour of Enfield
Where is the first place you would put a sidewalk or bike lane in Enfield?
How often do you Walk or Bike? (Choose the best answer that describes you)
Several times a day
Once per day
A few times per work
About once a week
A few times per month
Almost never
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Why do you walk or bike? (You may pick more than one answer)
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What other places in Enfield would you want a Sidewalk or Bike lane?
What Prevents you from Walking or Biking Currently in Enfield?
What is your age?
Under 18
Over 75
Prefer not to answer
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What is your race/ethnicity?
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What is your highest formal education level?
High School/GED
Some College
Associate's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Graduate or Professional Degree
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What is your gender?
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What do you mean by a facility?

A facility is anything that encourages walking or bicycling. For example, a facility may be a sidewalk, crosswalk, bike lane, ADA ramp, a bike rack, or something else.  

What is a multiuse sidepath?

In the foreground, one person walking and one person riding a bike on a multi-use sidepath with a turning vehicle at the upcoming intersection

 A two-way shared use path located immediately adjacent and parallel to a roadway.

What is an off-road trail?

Several people walking and running on a traditional asphalt or concrete greenway

A corridor of land, usually following features such as rivers, old railroad lines, which is used for recreation or alternative transportation purposes (i.e. Roanoke Canal Trail).

What is a sidewalk?

Person walking on a sidewalk

 A designated space along the side of a road for use by pedestrians.

What is a bike lane?

Person biking in a bike lane

A travel lane that is striped a minimum of 5 feet and designated for bicycle use only.