About the Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT)

The Albemarle CPMT meets jointly with the Charlottesville CPMT once a month to conduct business related to the Childrens Services Act (CSA). The CPMT is the responsible entity for all CSA policies and programs to ensure accordance with all state mandates and local CSA policies. The CPMT is responsible for the following tasks: establish policies and procedures that govern the provision of services to children and families in the community and access to CSA funds; develop and appoint members to subcommittees, including the Family Assessment and Planning Team, in order to accomplish CSA requirements; collect and report data to the Office of Comprehensive Services, State Executive Council, and Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services regarding youth and families served through CSA; manage and administer CSA funds for the respective locality; coordinate planning that ensures the development and procurement of resources and services needed by children and families in the community; establish quality assurance and accountability procedures for program utilization and funds management.