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Madison Master Plan

Madison Master Plan

Welcome to the Madison Master Plan website! The Borough of Madison is embarking on a visioning process for a new Master Plan that tackles the challenges and opportunities for future growth, development, and preservation in a rapidly changing world. The Master Plan sets forth the land use policy of the Borough and serves as the framework for the community’s vision based on the synthesis of a wide range of information. The previous Master Plan was finalized in 1992, almost 30 years ago. Since that time, e-commerce, real-estate investment structures, micro-mobility, cellular technology, resiliency, complete streets, and placemaking have all shifted the terrain of local planning. The current process is an opportunity to bring contemporary land use planning concepts and approaches into focus to refine Madison’s trajectory.

A robust community-engagement process is planned over the coming months to inform the plan’s goals, objectives, policies, and recommendations. Here you will find a project timeline, related project documents, future public workshop dates, key findings of outreach efforts, and other information and updates about the Master Plan. 

Please join us to envision the future of Madison! 

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

The Madison Master Plan has been adopted on December 15, 2020. You can view the Public Hearing Presentation and access the Master Plan here. 


Who We Are:

The Master Plan Steering Committee is comprised of Borough officials and volunteers who help guide the process, along with several members of the Planning Board, the entity that ultimately adopts the plan. The following volunteers are serving on the Master Plan Steering Committee: 

  • Astri Baillie                
  • Rachel Ehrlich 
  • Ann Huber 
  • Tom Lewis 
  • Joseph Santoro 
  • Kathleen Caccavale 
  • Dave Luber 
  • Melissa Honohan 
  • John Morris 
  • Pat Rowe 

Susan G. Blickstein, LLC is assisting the Borough of Madison in the development of the Master Plan.


Madison Master Plan FAQs

If you want to learn more about the Madison Master Plan, here is a list of typical questions and additional information. 


Jan 2020: Project Kick-off

Feb, 5 2020: Master Plan Survey #1 opened

May 25: Master Plan Survey #1 closed

May 11 - May 31: Madison Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House for the Madison Master Plan was open from May 11 to May 31 for the public to review materials and provide input. 


Early/Mid-June: Summary of Survey and Open House Results Available on Website

July 29: Master Plan Public Workshop

Project team shared outreach findings, key trends shaping Madison, and presented the draft Vision Statement, Objectives and Goals of the Plan for community input.

Aug: Review and Provide Input on Draft Vision Statement, Goals and Objectives

After the July Public Workshop, the project team set up a site for people to provide comments and questions about the Plan's draft Vision Statement, Goals, and Objectives during the month of August.

Dec 15 7:30pm: Public Hearing for the Master Plan

Final Master Plan

Outreach Efforts

Madison Master Plan Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Madison Master Plan survey. You can click the link above to view results and key findings from the survey. 

Madison Master Plan Virtual Open House Results 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Open House. You can click the link above to view results and key findings from the Open House. 

July Master Plan Public Workshop Video

You can watch a recording of the Madison Master Plan public workshop that was conducted on July 29, 2020 via Zoom:


Master Plan Documents:

As the Master Plan process moves forward, we will update this section with summaries, reports, and other relevant information: 

Prior Studies: 

The 1992 Madison Master Plan, previous Master Plan Reexamination Reports, Land Use Amendment, and the Zoning Map can be found in the Madison Borough's Document Center:

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