King County would like to share with you the preliminary project design and get feedback from you. Please share your thoughts about salmon recovery and the Fall City Floodplain Restoration Project by filling out your responses to questions on the bottom of each page.

The project goals are to:

  • Restore river and floodplain processes, including channel migration and wood recruitment.
  • Improve the quality, quantity and sustainability of salmon spawning and rearing habitat.
  • Reduce flood and erosion risks to people, property and infrastructure.
  • Accommodate public use consistent with future ecological conditions on site.
  • Balance flood and ecological benefits with project costs.

Project elements include:

  • Removing portions of an aging levee and revetment on both sides of the Snoqualmie River downstream of Fall City.
  • Constructing modern flood and erosion protection features that are engineered to protect neighboring farms, homes, and infrastructure outside of the project footprint.
  • Relocating approximately 1,200 feet of Neal Road Southeast to improve public safety and maintain access to private properties.
  • Excavating a new half-mile side channel through the right bank floodplain to create valuable off-channel habitat for juvenile salmon.
  • Planting native plants and controlling invasive weeds on 110 acres.

King County would like to recognize partners and funding sources that have made this project possible.


  • King County Flood Control District
  • Snoqualmie Fish, Farm, Flood Implementation Oversight Committee
  • Snoqualmie Tribe
  • Tulalip Tribes

Funding sources

  • Conservation Futures Tax
  • King County Surface Water Management Fee
  • King County Flood Control District Cooperative Watershed Management Grant
  • King County Parks Levy
  • Washington State Department of Ecology – Floodplains by Design
  • Washington State Recreation & Conservation Office – Salmon Recovery Funding Board


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Oct. 28 Online Project Meeting Recording

If you missed the online meeting, check out the recording to see the presentation the project team gave about the design, schedule, estimated costs, and salmon restoration goals that are so important to King County. (60 mins.)