The public comment period for the draft recommendations is open until Friday, June 2nd. Review and share your feedback on the draft recommendations by taking this survey! Check out this community meeting presentation for more details about the draft recommendations. 

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What thoughts or ideas would you like to share about the future of the New York Avenue NE corridor?

About the Project:

The Vision Framework is the first part of a larger planning initiative to guide implementation of land use changes along New York Ave NE.

The project's goals are to:

  • Advance racial equity.​
  • Unlock the corridor's potential to add affordable housing and good jobs. 
  • Increase resilience to environmental shocks and stressors. 
  • Establish a forward-looking approach to production, distribution, and repair (PDR) land uses that is equitable and economically sound. 

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Phone: 855-925-2801 ext. 1343

Frequently Asked Questions

The Vision Framework is an actionable strategic planning document that defines a shared vision for how new jobs, housing, and other commercial uses will be added to this area.

The New York Avenue Vision Framework's purpose is to guide implementation of recent land use policy changes adopted by DC Council that allow large apartment and office buildings along the corridor for the first time. 

The Comprehensive Plan, with more information about land use changes, can be viewed on its website at  

The Vision Framework focuses on the New York Avenue Corridor between Florida Ave NE and South Dakota Ave NE.